Catch My Cheating Spouse; Pay My PrivateInvestigator Fees: Tips on How to Save Your Relationship

There are many challenges that a person will encounter when in a relationship with another person. Maintaining a healthy relationship requires a lot of hard work, patience and time. Many people who are getting married concentrate on the intricacies of the wedding day and forget that there is a marriage afterwards. The couple may start their marriage on the wrong footing or the right footing depending on the stress of the wedding preparation, how seriously they took the advice and discussions in the pre-marital classes and their level of communication.  Communication is very important in any relationship. Do not assume that your spouse can read your mind and tell exactly what you need at that particular time. If you would like to have a strong relationship where you do not have to post a ‘catch my cheatingspouse, pay my private investigator fees’ then communication is key. Make sure you tell your spouse exactly what you require of them and when you want space, and when you get into a disagreement, please do not bring the past into the argument. The blame game is also a definite no go zone! You should agree to disagree, deal with the present problem on hand and find a solution that both of you can agree on.

Arguments can put a great strain in any relationship if it is not handled in a mature manner. You should not say anything that will demean your spouse and give each other time to voice your concerns and feelings. Do not attack the character of your spouse and uphold respect. Make sure you voice back to your spouse what you think he or she meant and ask for clarification. This will show your partner that you are listening to them and taking their concerns seriously. Please do not nag or belittle your spouse, you might just send him or her into another man’s or woman’s arms and at the end of the day you will be knocking at their love nest fuming and declaring that catch my cheating spouse, pay my private investigator fees. This is not only cute but will lead to a lot of resentment and a possible public embarrassment. So remember that all is fair in love and war, but do not punch your spouse under the belt; literally and figuratively speaking. Never go to bed when you are angry and above all, never argue with your spouse when you are gnashing your teeth. Finances are a major breaking point for most couples. Do you operate a joint account, everybody maintains a personal bank account and contributes to the family kitty or you operate a joint account and personal accounts concurrently?

Most men do not want to tell their wives exactly how much they are making and most wives have the notion that ‘your money is our money; and my money is my money.’ This is a misconstrued notion in the modern world. Granted, a man is supposed to be the provider, but with the inflation rates being at an all time high, and the state of the economy does not allow for a man to carry the entire financial burden. As a woman, we should be ready to support our husbands and be ready to contribute to the family kitty. If you put all the pressure on him, he will have to start taking up more overtime at work or investing more time in the business that he would be spending with you and the kids, if you have any. When your husband is under pressure, he may consider confiding in someone who will understand him and let him just kick back and relax. The listening ear might just turn into a warm body that he visits twice or thrice a week. You will be at home wondering where he is at and whether you should send that short text message reading, ‘catch my cheating spouse, pay my private investigator fees’, hoping that that warm body will get the message. As a husband or wife, we should make a conscious effort to take care of our marriage so that we do not end up hiring a private investigator and incurring a huge amount of fees waiting for the evidence that you have a cheating spouse!