Can I Claim Against My Husband’s Lover

An ideal way of going through a relationship is by being honest to your partner, however, when doubt is casted on a relationship, it would set a question of unfaithfulness and trust which is why aggrieved parties tend to rely on employing private investigators to do the job for them to be able to uncover the truth and lead them to the peace of mind they would want to have in their lives. A private investigator plays a big role about the outcome of the “Catch your cheating spouse” race, they would conduct evidence gathering through investigation or surveillance – whether in the form of audio, photo or video which they would use and present for their clients, once that their clients query has been justified, it is left up to them on what they would do to their spouses based from what they had learned and to what extent are they hurt would make the confrontation and the feeling easier to get by.

Whenever they would learn about this, aggrieved parties may tend to be confrontational at first but it would not do them any good on the latter part so they would resort in finding legal ways to get back at the husband and the lover or the mistress. Different laws play different roles in the state so the question can you sue your husband’s lover is very broad, this will contain general answers to queries that may not be the best answer to your case. Can you claimed against your husband’s lover? YES, only if she did something to your persona: uttered defamatory statements against you which may constitute to libel cases, did damage to your property, vandalize your property or even act as the legal entity of the property you co-own.

But if any aspects of this do not fall into place and your grudges that hold you on your partner is that because he left you, do not waste your time. Your husband’s lover would just claim that your husband has recently told her that he has been free or he has already left you. You cannot claim against your husband’s lover because she doesn’t have any contract binded with you (marriage contract) and the burden would be all his. You would not want to play vengeance on your husband’s lover where you would just be in the losing end, wasting your time paying lawyers and shelling out a huge amount of money which you can just use to improve yourself. You should just think of making things work for the better, lessening the damage caused by the trouble of knowing of the lover of your husband. At the same time, you would not want to affect your kids even more.

Now that the general answer to the question can I claimed against my husband’s lover, it is time for you, the wife to assess in what kind of situation are you into – if you feel that your relationship is falling apart, go seek the help of a private investigator to gather some evidence and once you had proven, note the pros and cons of the situation, when you have the chance to confront your husband’s lover, she may just simply say that she has fallen head over heels about your husband and if you note that your husband loves her back, do weigh if it is better to fight or just simply give up and move on. Life doesn’t end when marriage does, life ends when you stop living for the things that matters one of them is of course, giving yourself a chance to love yourself.