In the modern world we are living in, it is hard to know who is being honest with us and who is downright lying. Trust has become a thing of the past and no one really knows the value of trust anymore. The vows we make when we get married seem to be forgotten and the once trustworthy accountants have turned to ruthless embezzlers. So much worth has been placed in the material possessions that the value of character has been thrown to the wind. Spouses have become unfaithful, the divorce rate is up, investments have become risky affairs especially when you hardly know your investment manager and all but sundry looks over their backs to make sure their material wealth is safe and sound. No wonder that private investigators here in Singapore and the world over have been in booming business. Lack of trust is indeed a costly affair and most people are willing to pay an investigator to do background checks and credit checks before they commit themselves, their money and their belongings to someone else. Pointers on how to look for a privateinvestigator in Singapore will attempt to outline some key pointers so that the investigator does not also end up on your ‘to not trust’ list.
My first pointer is to make sure the private investigator is licensed by looking at the authorized bureau or department that is in charge of Security personnel and private detective registration. This will also serve as your first homework on investigating the private investigator you would like to hire. The licensing bureau will provide you with information on when the licence was issued, when it expires, if there are any complaints against the private investigator as well as the private investigator’s qualification and experience as well as the area of expertise. Once you get a couple of investigators you would like to work with, make an appointment for consultations with the various private investigators. The first consultations are usually free and it is a get to know the private investigator session. Remember to ask for three or more client references from the private investigator and go check with the clients on the investigator’s service delivery and ask whether they would recommend them to anyone to handle their case on their behalf. References and referrals are important aspects considered on how to look for a private investigator in Singapore who is professional and delivers as promised.
You should also make a point of doing an internet search on the name of the private investigator or the agency he or she belongs to so as to see if there are any online reviews about their services. Most people who have received bad service never tell the contractor; they just vent it out to someone who cares to listen and online blogs and social media is just as good as any a place to vent. Make sure you confirm whatever criticism you find out on the private investigator before you write them off. Some people may just do that to sabotage the private investigator. Another pointer on how to look for a private investigator in Singapore is to read up on the kind of services you would need and what it will potentially cost you for the type of investigative work you require. This will help you go through all the services the private investigator says he or she will do and compare them to your research. It will also help you to weed out the private investigators whose price quotations may be more than the recommended average price. The research will also help you narrow down the qualifications and experience the private investigator has to have in order to do the kind of investigation you require efficiently and effectively. This will help you decide if the private investigator is well qualified and experienced for your investigative needs. Remember to always start with the Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD), a branch of the Singapore Police Force, when you are on the hunt for a private investigator in Singapore.