There are many circumstances and reasons people may require the services of a private detective. It is said that curiosity killed the cat and what you do not does not hurt you. In this times of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/Aids and other deadly diseases as well as the innovative technological gadgets and usage, it is better to know who you are dealing with than be sorry later. If you suspect your spouse of infidelity, it is wise to gather irrevocable proof before confronting him or her. Infidelity and unfaithfulness is one of the guidelines to when to look for aprivate detective. Infidelity can be emotional, physical and even financial. Most people only think of confronting their spouses due to physical intimacy with the member of the opposite sex and do not give heed to emotional and financial infidelity. Emotional infidelity is characterised by your spouse sharing intimate information, sentiments and concerns to another person outside your relationship and this may lead to physical infidelity. Financial infidelity and unfaithfulness is one of the most difficult to prove. You may suspect your spouse of having secret bank accounts and investments or of them misusing the family financial resources to gambling or any other activities. A private detective will be able to look into your concerns and bring you factual information that will help you plot your way forward.

You have met this young man or young woman and you have dated for a while and yet they do not want to reveal much about themselves. You have no idea if they like you for your wealth and position in society or they like you for your personality and character. This is one reason when to look for a private detective. A private detective will conduct a background check by using the name, social security number and other details you provide so as to verify that the young man or woman is who they say they are. You may be shocked to discover that the name they gave you is not even their real name! The private investigator will go further at your request and approval to conduct surveillance. The surveillance will help in monitoring their movements and will let you know who they talk with, what they do when not with you and if there are any other skeletons in their closet that you need to know about. This will save you the heart ache of marrying a stranger who will walk out on you after marriage with your hard earned money and half your wealth to boot!

Before you decide to invest in a particular company or trust a fund manager or investment specialist with your money, it is good sense to do due diligence. This will save you from falling victim into ponzi schemes as well as pyramid schemes. Checking out a company before mergers and acquisitions is also an excellent and sage idea as you do not want to end up losing your money or worst still end up in jail for unknowingly being part of a fraudulent business. You should look for a private detective so as they can conduct background checks, criminal checks, credit checks, litigation checks, asset tracing, digital forensics as well as undercover and surveillance work to find out all the information they can about the company, business entity or the financial manager and investment specialist in the boundaries given by the legal systems. When you suspect financial fraud is taking place or you need litigation support, contact a licensed private detective so as to gather the evidence you require in order to move forward and use that evidence in case of a civil or criminal suit or an arbitration process all covered by the courts of law. These are a few guiding principle when to look for a private detective.