Often you may have seen a note on the walls of stations or other public places that would read as “Mr. XYZ, We have been searching for you for a long time, show yourself”. It goes without saying that such a note has one chance in one million to be read by the missing person. If the missing person is not a habitual one, the most important thing to be done at the instance is to contact the local law enforcement agencies. They have their own methods to locate the missing persons and the picture should not exclude the role of private investigators as well. We should have a deeper look on how the private investigation is done in order to locate a missing person.

Skip Tracing” is one familiar technique utilized by privateinvestigators. It basically means tracing someone who has been missing for something or by someone. So first of all the possibility of someone missing on his/her own will, should be excluded, as it happens in a lot share of cases coming to private investigators. So we can divide the “skips” into two types.

1. Persons not missing intentionally

This category includes abducted children, missing heir, missing witness, those required for genealogy, or one who owes some type of payment etc.

2. Persons intentionally missing

This category includes bail bond skips, runaway children, persons demanded by the court of the law etc.

Now when you are to start an investigation go in the following manner. First of all narrow down the clues. This can be done by meeting all the people the missing person knew. In this search you may find someone who says for instance “O, Yeah, he, last time when I met him, wished to visit the Mei Heong Yuen Desserts”

Some times this kind of probe gives you important information. Immediately start to focus on that very area where the missing one wished to go.
Another trick that can be injected into the investigation is to send a letter at the address of the missing one and write on the envelope “address requested”. 

Now the post man will do the job, he will fetch you the new address. Of course this tactic is not going to work in case of a hardcore person, but in 5 to 10 % cases you may be lucky enough to get the address, who knows.
If you have phone number, you can locate the address by contacting the phone companies. This may also help you probe in a limited number of cases, but you have to ensure that you go for all the available means.

In a small number of cases internet may do a job for you. There are websites with paid databases and also some free sites like etc., which can be employed to seek the missing one.

Of course the investigator must not forget to see the death indices of the suspected area, which may terminate an investigation with the death of the missing one.

An investigator must employ the people connections as a tool for probing out the missed one. It goes without saying that the missed one eventually does contacts his/her family members. Putting surveillance at the family members may be a very good idea in some of the cases.

Phone records should be traced in order you are not finding a way through. This must be the ultimate option as investigating agencies are notorious for tracking the people’s private phone records. Fulfilling all the legal demands you may go for this option.

Develop the professional skills and don’t consider any clue trifle in your struggle to probe out the missed one.