Whenever two opposing parties cannot settle their differences on their own, one of them would bring their case to a court and even though it is a hassle for both parties, eventually they would undergo litigation. Litigation is the process of bringing a court proceeding in court. In order to win the battle in court, you must have litigation support for whatever matter you wish to fight about. You may have the prolific lawyer behind you but he/she may not be able to gather all the evidences to support your case since your lawyer would also have other cases to handle so if you are willing to make an extra investment, why not consider hiring your own private investigator? A private investigator is any trained individual who may once be a member of the police, military or retired personnel (either male or female) who are trained for these cases. Most of them have licenses which back up what they had stated over their internet as their form of service.  All you need to do is to give them proper information and they would support you all the way.
Litigation Support may take any of the following procedures: your private investigator may help you perform evidence gathering, you would go back to the frequent places to where the incident has happened and gather traces if there is left any that would help you win the case. After the evidence gathering, they can also help you prepare exhibits which is a collection of photo, audio and video evidences. They can help you edit video contents to make it understandable to the court and the jury. They can also help you protect your evidence from being broken if they are run to by other people. These things may not be done by just having an attorney alone, these things are done by people like private investigators who can do it with utmost confidentiality and with your security in mind.
They can also provide litigation support when the evidences are enough as they pursue pre-trial proceedings. Private investigators can check the background of the opposing party from the lawyers to even the witness they would present if they are credible enough or just craps. They can give their clients and its counsel the opportunity to strategize on how they would attack the case convincingly so they could win it. They can also conduct asset searches when needed to be able to know if there would be something planned against them. Towards the course of the trial, the private investigators could team up with the lawyer to show on the hearing that the case is either to convict or acquit the client they handle. Litigation revolves on these materials and how to get them to side you legally would be in the hands of those who know the most.
If you would like to have a better way to solve the case than having to rely to an attorney and wait for him to give you evidences, go and add another one that would help you win the case in court: Hire a private investigator, you can find them on every part of your city, you can also find them nowadays in the internet. They would have different specializations but would give you the best services and turn-around time as quick as possible. Expect that they would treat your case with utmost confidentiality and only you and proper authorities (like your lawyer) would know the kind of litigation support they would provide. If you would like to know better, do not hesitate to call them or look at your search engine and see the services they offer. What is to worry if there would be someone who can help you. Go contact your privateinvestigator now.