This cheating spouse story is about a husband who had slept with his wife’s friend while wife was out of the town. Husband’s name was Peter and wife’s name was Maria.

                Maria and Peter were married for 14 years. They were a happy couple. They always helped each other in every time when they faced disaster. They believed that they were made for each other. The incident happened when, an old school friend of Maria settled in there house for couple of days. At that time, Peter became the cheating spouse by having intercourse with wife’s friend. Maria was from Melbourne. She did her graduation from Queens Land University. Peter was from Sydney. Peter did his PH.D in software engineering. After marriage Maria shifted in Sydney. Maria was an assistant in a private telecom company. Peter had his own software farm. They did not take any children. They had plan of having a child in the next year when Maria would leave the job. From now the main story begins.

It was a holiday. Maria and Peter went to a shopping mall to buy jewelleries and clothes for Maria and the reason was she would make a visit to his mom’s house the next day. While she was choosing a dress for her someone came behind her and blind-folded her with hands. Maria thought it was Peterson. Maria whispered, “Peter, don’t start here”. But a female voice came out and replied, “I am not Peter.” Maria was astonished. It was Alexia her old school friend.
Maria: “Oh my GOD! Alexia what a pleasant surprise”
Alexia: “My darling. I am surprised to see you. Won’t you hug me?”
They hugged each other and started gossiping. Meanwhile, Peter was looking at Alexia. Peter was overwhelmed by a sense that he knew her for a long time. Her eyes, hair, smile was familiar to him. At that moment Maria shouted after his name. Peter went there. Maria introduced Peter to Alexia.
Alexia: Maria you have a pretty handsome husband.
Maria: Yeah! Lucky me so why aren’t you married yet.
Alexia: Didn’t find that kind handsome you got.
Peter was blushing and listening to their conversation.
Maria: So when you have settled here?
Alexia: Just two days ago. Still staying at hotel because didn’t find any house for rent yet.
Maria: That’s not fair. You are my friend. Let’s pick up your bag from hotel and you will stay in our house until you find a house.
Peter: But you are leaving tomorrow.
Maria: So what. You are there to help Maria. Just for two days in that time she will hopefully find a house.
Alexia: So kind of you. [Starred at Peter]
After that, they went to that hotel where Alexia were staying took her suitcases and went to Maria’s house. Maria took her to the guest room to take rest while Peter was staring at Alexia’s backside. That night Peter had to go to his farm for important meeting. Before leaving he will be back before the schedule of Maria’s flight. In morning, Peter came from office and after taking breakfast with Alexia and Maria, he took Maria along with Alexia to the airport. After saying bye to Maria, Peter and Alexia went back to the house. While driving Peter didn’t talk to Alexia. But few time Alexia caught Peter watching at Alexia’s boobs. After they returned home Peter said that he was tired and would go to sleep. Alexia told that she would buy lunch from restaurant when she would go outside to search for rent house. After that Peter went to sleep. It was evening when Peter woke up. He went to bathroom with sleepy eyes and entered the bathroom without seeing around. When he was about to pee he was fully astonished seeing Alexia nude in bathtub. To and Fro he left the bathroom and went to his room. He didn’t came out till it was night and he was starving. Alexia also didn’t disturb him. He went to kitchen for food and saw Alexia was cooking. Alexia saw him and said sorry for the evening accident because she forgot to lock the door. Peter said that it was an accident. She does not need to feel sorry. As they started dinner Alexia started to talk with Peter.
Alexia: I found a house while I was browsing online. It is 33 miles away from here.
Peter: That’s good.
Peter stared at Alexia like he was in need of something but Alexia caught his eyes. They were silent for a when Alexia astonished Peter and untied her night coat.
Alexia: No need to stare hubby, feel it.
                 Peter was totally out of words. Alexia went to Peter and put Peter’s hand in her chest. Peter was out of his mind and also out of control too. That time he couldn’t control himself. The whole night they passed doing foreplays. After they were finished Alexia said to Peter that, “I made you a cheatingspouse”.

                 In the morning, when Peter woke up he couldn’t find Alexia in the house. He thought about last night and opined himself that it was a dreamy night. But also felt guilty because he became a cheating spouse.