Probably you all have read the previous story named “A true story of a cheating spouse”. This is the sequel of that article. Today you will find out how Mathew caught her wife. That’s why the title is included “catching acheating spouse.

             As you previously read that Gabrielle was attracted to Shaun who was the father of his daughter’s friend. They also had coitus in Gabrielle’s house while Gabrielle’s husband Mathew was out of town and their girls at school. Then it became a usual subject. Shaun became a part time partner of Gabrielle. Whenever Gabrielle feels lonely she calls Shaun or chats with him online. Few days were past. It was the month of April; Mathew had to go outside of the town to attend an important meeting. Mathew told Gabrielle that he will be back after 2days. Rihana and Rebecca were also at home because their school declared 1 week of holiday. Gabrielle hit upon a plan. When Mathew left house for airport she called Shaun.
Gabrielle: Honey! Mathew left the town for 2days; I was wondering you could pay me a visit.
Shaun: I would love to but your daughters are there.
Gabrielle: I have plan. Why don’t you take them to your house? I’ll manage them.
Shaun: Then what will we do?
Gabrielle: You tell your wife that you have a business deal so you have to go there and you cannot come home today.
Shaun: Wow. You’re a genius.
Gabrielle: So I am. Come quickly and pick my girls and get them to your home. Then it will be me and you all alone in this big house.
Shaun: okay. Bye
After that Shaun came and picked up Rihana and Rebecca and went to his house. As Gabrielle and Shaun planned they did exactly same. Shaun came to his house told his wife about business deal and left house at night. Shaun and Gabrielle were alone in the house. Shaun told at that moment “we are alone in the house if your husband comes now what will you do?” Gabrielle replied, “Catching acheating spouse is not easy Shaun”. They had awesome night. They passed without sleeping and doing intercourse frequently. They were fast asleep in the morning when unfortunately the doorbell rang. But Gabrielle was fast asleep along with Shaun. After 20minitues of continuous rang, Gabrielle woke up and went to the door. Before that she told Shaun to wake up and said someone was on the door. Gabrielle checked from the peep hole and she was totally surprised. It was Mathew outside the door. She quickly went to her room and told Shaun to hide anywhere. Then she quickly dressed up and opened the door in a sleepy mood.
Mathew: why it took you so long?
Gabrielle: I was sleeping.
Mathew: It’s 11 a.m. honey.
Gabrielle: I couldn’t sleep last night.
Mathew: Where are my daughters?
Gabrielle: They are Rebecca’s friend house.
Mathew: Why?
Gabrielle: For enjoying the vacation.
Mathew: Okay. I am tired. I need to sleep. Wake me up before lunch.

Gabrielle became very afraid. She couldn’t find what to do. She was just hoping that Shaun would hide himself somewhere. Mathew started walking toward the bathroom for making himself fresh. At that time Gabrielle hurried to their room and whispered “Shaun where are you. Come out quickly. Mathew is in the bathroom.” Listening to her Shaun came out from under the bed and started running to get out of the house. But when he was about to open the door Mathew came out from bathroom and saw Gabrielle helping Shaun to get out of the house. Mathew didn’t take much long to understand what was going there when he was out of the town.

                Mathew and Gabrielle had divorce after that incident. Mathew filed a cheating spouse case against Gabrielle. He won the case and got her daughters in her side for ever after. Catching a cheating wife is pretty tough. It was bit of fortune worked for Mathew.

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