Hidden Asset Tracing

Facing an impending divorce can be an extremely difficult time for someone. It can be even more confounding if you believe your spouse to have hidden assets that have not been brought before the court. However, what proof do you have that such assets exist and without evidence, the court cannot move to recover them.  Put an end to your troubles and hire our private detectives to do the job for you. If such concealed assets do exist, once our investigators are after it there is nowhere on this planet that it can be hidden anymore. We guarantee that we will find any and all hidden assets, wherever and however they might exist. Whether the assets exist abroad or are hidden within the country is of no consequence to us. What matters eventually is that you have a legal share in the money being squandered by the alienated spouse. It is your right to bring such matters to the court’s attention and to do everything in your power to uncover the amount and location of all secret asset holdings.
Finding a hidden asset is not the same as finding an ordinary asset as such assets do not exist on a balance sheet. Assets such as these are often concealed to prevent tax payments as well as to hide it from creditors such as a spouse with whom one is near divorce. Assets can be secreted away in various off-shore accounts in regions which openly welcome and protect such deposits of wealth. Although sometimes these may exist under the jurisdiction of the law in these areas, it is still wrong to pilfer them when the law states that they need to be divided among two individuals. Also, money can be hidden away in various dubious charity organizations and trusts.   
Assets can be traced by a series of systematic steps that help uncover all hidden money transactions. To begin with, all tax payment records going back for a number of years are traced and their records checked for any inconsistencies that might suggest hidden reservoirs of money. This determines how much assets one has and whether there are any that have been secreted away. All bank account statements are cross-referenced. Off-shore accounts are most often linked with existing bank account statements and a careful analysis of bank account statements can help expose their locations.
Irregular activity on credit cards such as spending huge amounts of money for absolutely no reason indicate where and how hidden assets have been created. All financial activity needs to be carefully monitored. Forensic accounting is an important part of asset tracing. Family disputes over financial matters can be effectively settled by the evidence of the family’s financial conditions collected by the forensic accountant. Our private investigators are protagonists in the field and some of the leading experts in this field are employed by us and thus are always at your disposal for resolution of financial matters. All manner of electronic money wires and various other money transactions are easily traced by our tech geniuses.
Another common issue in tracing assets is when dealing with runaway debtors. People involved in financial fraud cases most often not only manage to conceal all traces of the assets they have gathered through illegal means but also disappear themselves. Tracing out such fraudsters becomes a matter of great urgency and the time factor is a crucial factor in such cases. Our investigators loose no time in going after such perpetrators and their promptness in such cases has saved many clients from potential ruin. We realize just how important recovering your assets is and we believe in giving you the results you deserve. Our investigators are honest, sympathetic and hardworking people, their skills are indispensible in tracing and recovering secreted assets.