Most court cases which involve return of money to one party in either business or personal matters end inconclusively. This is mostly attributed to the claim of the other party that it is unable to pay the money owed due to a lack of finances. While this may be true for many cases, in some instances the financial situation of the debtor is intentionally misinterpreted. In such scenarios, a thorough asset investigation is needed to implicate the culprit. Also, before filing a case for return of debt or other financial claim, an asset search may reveal whether going to court and getting official orders for fulfillment of payment will be advantageous or just be a waste of further financial resources.
Nowadays, it may even be necessary to run such a background search in matrimonial cases especially before tying the knot to ensure that the other does not have assets that are hidden purposefully from you. Such a search may also be voluntarily accepted by both parties to further mutual understanding when proving the absence of any hidden finances. It always pays to be forewarned.
Private investigators have the resources, time, and skills to conduct an asset search. At our company, we take pride in providing you with seasoned professionals with a history of running successful financial background checks for various clients. Whatever your requirement, we always have the right team for the job. Discretion is our policy and we guarantee that your case will always remain confidential.
The wide variety of possible scenarios required for carrying out an asset investigation may vary greatly. Though most people avail the services of private investigators in court cases, it is always advantageous to carry out an investigation before the commencement of a partnership especially one that is business in nature. You may thus be able to determine how much the other person will be able to contribute to the joint venture and whether there are chances of being swindled by the other party. This greatly helps you curb waste of financial resources as dubious deals can be cut off before they are initiated. In other scenarios, for example when loaning money, a general idea of the debtor’s money matters can help determinate whether a claim of return of loan will enable its recovery if the need arises.
In court cases, where the debtor declares that his financial position does not enable him to fulfill return of the debt while an asset search has revealed otherwise, the role of the private investigator in collecting the evidence to the contrary becomes crucial. Since the private investigator keeps detailed records of how and when the evidence was collected, all evidence pertaining to the investigation is acceptable by the court.
In divorce and child custody cases, where the other party refuses to pay their part owing to their alleged financial conditions, a private investigator can be advantageous in elucidating the validity of such a claim. In divorce cases, ex-spouses conceal their assets to prevent them from being split up by court order. In custody cases, the other party may refuse their payment of custody charges to the custodian. With the evidence your private investigator has uncovered, you may get the court to move against the other party and extract the custody payments.
Filing a court cases, however may not be the best line of action. Court proceedings are costly, take up considerable time and can ultimately wear out both parties. Asset investigation can help resolve many money related cases before the need to go to court arises. The resolution of financial matters in this manner can turn out to be in the interest of both parties. Confrontation of evidence of the other’s financial situation can be the correct means to gain such ends. Thus only when the other party refuses corporation will you need to go to court and even that will be in your favor since your private investigator will already have gathered all the necessary evidence for you.