Investigation operation failed can due to many factors

Investigation operation failed can due to many factors, which mistake made by investigator/s

Unable to safeguarding confidentiality of assignment, client and organization.

Unable to ensuring good working relationship with client, which is of highest moral and standards?

Did not providing professional services standard according to organization and Client’s requirements.

Did not providing professional services in accordance with legislative and regulatory.

Did not performing their job with Integrity and reliability.

Does not understanding the importance of private investigator/s key role and responsibilities?

Do not interpret job and responsibilities as a professional private investigator/s.

Did not carefully study the summary and background of each case history, objectives to archive and scope of investigation.

Did not understand type of investigation services and schedule of key targets.

Did not prepare an investigative plan.

Do not have good investigation techniques with good communication and interpersonal skills.

Did not discharging professional responsibilities truthfully, diligently and honorably.

Did not ascertaining types of evidence required for Investigation determine information. gathering methods and be creative to solve difficult, while carry out their operation.

Did not evaluation potential Investigation options to achieve the Investigative objectives.

Did not Identifying constraints, which may impact Investigation effectiveness.

Did not re-scheduling position for each point from station to moving surveillance

Did not determine type of methods to achieve objectives.