How, if the case is expose?

Before they came to us, some of the Client had already engaged some investigation firm. We will conduct a thorough and systematic interview with our Client.

From there, we will send our Professional Private Investigator/s to conduct a short surveillance for one to two day to ascertain where the case has been “exposed”.

If the answer is “YES”, the fault could be due to the previous Private Investigator/s, Client or Subject itself. There is no point to continue our surveillance mounted at Subject. It is just wasting our Client’s money and our time.

For this kind of scenario, we will hold back the case for 3 to 9 months depending on the degree of Subject’s alertness. Advance technology and skillful Private Investigator/s will be comply on Subject to avoid detection. Of course, our investigation fees will be much more higher and hopefully our evidence establishes will reach the Court in time. Evidence establishes? No promise even you paid.