With the technology we can now upload, download and watch video clips on the internet without any problems. You tube is a social networking website that allows individuals to watch live movie clips that stream straight from the hosting servers. It was first created in 2005 and allows individuals to upload and share personal videos on the internet.  All you need to do is make sure that your computer is running a flash player as well as an internet connection that is very fast. With this, you are ready to go and can observe any available movie clips in you tube. The website does not require you to join or create an account to be able to access, watch and share these movie clips. The movie clips can be of films, soap operas, TV shows, music, comedies or even ads and they are available for download in different file types such as MP3, MP4 etc. Unfortunately, all is not always 100% good. People are using social media like you tube as either a foundation for committing crimes or giving information about the crimes they have done. It is a sad thing to fall prey to such offenses though Private Detectives in You tube uses these systems to discover proof to crimes or offences committed.

Criminals take clips of their actions and publish them on you tube for the whole world to see. Little do they know that a Private Detective in You tube is spying on their actions. The detectives go through all submitted clips one by one with the aim of getting any hint or proof that is related to a criminal activity being examined. There are murder cases that have been solved when the killers were found through movie clips submitted in you tube. Cyber criminals believe that since one does not have to join to be able to publish and share a video file, it would be difficult for them to be tracked but they are wrong. That is just a loophole used by private detectives to track and get such criminals who are on the run. The computers systems that are used by these criminals to access you tube are monitored by the individual detectives. This is made possible by monitoring the IP of the given pc because IP addresses are used to exclusively recognize each system that is linked with the globally web. An IP address can never be assigned to more than one computer system at any given time. The location of it can also be monitored using the device’s IP address.

It is therefore essential to hide your IP from being tracked and used by unwanted individuals while using the internet. There are softwares available in the market that can be downloaded free from the web to hide your IP details. It not only guarantees that your pc cannot be easily monitored but also defends you from identification fraud, scams and other types of internet offenses. A private detective has all the abilities, knowledge and the equipment needed to handle these types of crimes. The private detective must look everywhere and use whatever way possible to discover proof that he/she is looking for. It does not matter whether the individual detective has to search all property, engage the whole community or even run through the whole you tube site and its content to discover the proof. It is worth noting that private detectives are not cops and neither do they have similar tasks, although a private detective can be an ex-police man. Always make sure you are safe when surfing around the internet or seek the services a private detective in You Tube. Hire a private detective who is well qualified and licensed by the right Authorities. You can search for them over the internet using search engines like Google.