As said earlier, pre marital, post marital and marital issues lead to pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation and matrimonial investigation. Business issues including fraudulent activities practiced by one’s partners or colleagues need a proper business investigation on the suspect and his partners in the crime. The difference between a good and bad private investigator in Singapore is that the good private investigator knows all the possible criminal techniques a particular criminal might adapt to escape from being caught or getting forced to confess his crime. But a bad detective will just concentrate on the actual suspect and not on his colleagues or his crime partners. A good detective knows well the difference between big clues and the small clues. In fact, the big clues are easy to link to each other. The problem lies between linking the small clues to the evidence chain. Imagine that you are playing a board puzzle and you have to put all the chips together to complete the puzzle. The bigger chips are easier to fit but the real problem is in putting the smaller chips in the places. It is advised that you give your private detective some time to solve your case successfully.
If you want to differentiate between a goodand bad private investigator in Singapore, all you need to consider is his past records. Some private detectives Singapore have modern equipments to deal with the suspects properly. The Global Positioning System is one of the most used detective devices used by these modern investigators. The GPS chip is being fit into the suspect’s clothes, car or anything which is frequently used by the suspect in his day to day life. Then the computer provides you constant updates about the current position of the suspect which helps you to reach places where the suspect usually goes. Another one is a pen drive camera. A pen drive is fit into a small writing pen and then the detectives carry these pens in their shirt or coat pockets and secretly record all the incidents and make them the most important evidences of the case. But the pen drive camera cannot record high quality videos. So, most of the modern detectives use a button camera which has a size of a circle with radius not more than 1 mm. This camera is fit around the buttons of the coat or the shirt and then high quality, high definition recording is obtained.

The most important device used by the investigators is indeed the GPS chip. GPS chip is also fit in the suspect’s wrist watch. This is the basic difference between a good andbad private investigator in Sg. The bad private detective uses the pen drive camera which is too cheap while the good one uses the high quality button camera which is expensive. These are the small things which affect the pay scales of the detectives. If the detective sg demands very low money, you must immediately understand that he uses old or medieval gadgets while the one who demands a higher pay scale is actually a good detective using very modern and technologically enhanced gadgets. Some of the investigators also fit tiny cameras which are high quality video recorders in their shoes to minimize the suspicion over themselves. Normally, when people imagine a sg detective’s appearance in their minds, they usually imagine a smart looking guy in a brown coat with a hat on his head and good brown leather shoes. This isn’t the reality. Detectives sg  wear casual clothes to minimize the suspiciousness. This is how the good detectives work to help you solve your issue perfectly and successfully.