Finding that your business sales have been dropping recently? Is your shop becoming less frequented by clients than those of your competitors?  Even though everything else about your business appears to be perfectly alright, clients just don’t seem to fancy your sales offers any more.  Such a circumstance could be due to a variety of reasons that only customer feedback can enlighten you on. However, your customers are not willing to provide feedback or they may be so utterly biased that their feedback lacks objectivity and can ultimately be less credible than what you might desire. This is where the need to call in a professional mystery shopper is keenly felt.
A mystery shopper is an anonymous person who poses as a potential client and offers a purchase. During this process, he evaluates all the merits and demerits of client related activity, focusing on but not restricted to employee dealings with a client and the quality of consumer services available. Focus is on presenting an objective, non-biased view of how the employees of the business receive and offer services to clients.
Employee-related information is crucial to establishing whether employee behavior is responsible for the loss of customer interest. How an employee deals with clients is a crucial part of a successful business. Employees that are unnecessarily rude to customers can be disastrous for the business and normally scare away customers, a dissatisfied customer doesn’t return to the shop after encountering such behavior and may induce others to stay away as well. Dealing with clients is a delicate matter and lack of professionalism on part of the employee has catastrophic consequences.
Alternatively, employees that favor the client in circumstances that go against the company’s policies may also be bad news for business. For example, in cases where the customer tries to return products without a proper receipt or when the time limit for returning the goods is long overdue, handling such a situation by an employee becomes a mix of delicately defending the company position while ensuring that the customer does not become annoyed. Giving in to the terms of a client when company rules state otherwise is not the most desirable of circumstances. Often more than not, the employee must be able to discriminate between doing too much or too less for the client since both are undesirable circumstances. 
When it comes to professionalism and providing quality feedback about customer services provided by company employees, our private investigators are the premium choice. Compared to conventionally hired freelance mystery shoppers who may or may not be able to accurately provide the information you require, the private investigator has the skills and training necessary for gathering such information. Freelancers thus are a risk when it comes to protecting your client’s interests while our private investigators are guaranteed to give you the proper information needed. These are professionals, make no mistake. They do not make mistakes in their evaluation with the added advantage of picking out many essentially relevant details that ordinary freelancers are most likely to ignore which may prove beneficial to enhancing your client activity.
Our private investigators work with a plan. They not only ‘notice’ employee behavior, but also gather evidence confirming their deductions. Since private investigators are trained in collecting evidence, this is an added advantage to hiring such a professional to do the job. Evidence can be in the form of video or audio recordings and can be used by the employer in exacting their claim from an employee. Mystery shopping is thus not a mere matter of giving employee feedback, it is specifically designed to provide an employer with an accurate picture of the state of affairs of his business and to enable him to not only monitor employee performance but also to rectify all other problems that are preventing your business from blossoming into success you desire it to be.