I’ve just red this private detective’s article: in Singapore seems like they have a lot of job! 
Tough times for the detectives! Nowadays everyone own a mobile phone, a computer or a laptop with an internet connection, many accounts in different social networks and dozens of chat room and forums. In short words the communication is now easier than ever: people don’t need any more to be physically next to someone to get the chance to know him or her, share some chat and eventually fall in love with strangers that they just know for an avatar or some profile pictures. 

May be this one of the reasons why the case of cheating spouses are registered in huge raising through the last few years? I cannot say that I’m sure of it but it’s highly probable that internet and technology contributed to create this situation. 
A few days ago, I red this private detective’s article from Singapore, in which the phenomenon was analyze and explained in details. The picture that came out was the one of a country really dealing with a growing problem of marriage infidelity; I don’t want anyone from there to get offended by this: for sure this is not true for everybody and most of the couple are happy, but this is just a fact. 
I’ve found the article on a magazine that I use to read, there was an interview to this anonymous private detective who exposed the growing problem of cheating spouse all through the country. The interview became pretty popular and many people shared it on the social network; this is also an evidence that the problem actually exist and is not just an exaggeration from some unprofessional journalist who wanted to strike out with a huge scoop at any cost. Maybe some of you already heard about it, if you didn’t try to put in some search engine private detective article in Singapore you will find out many comments about this. 

Many of my friends shared and commented about it; among us started a small debate around the topic: is really Singapore in a kind of emergency? Some of them where skeptical, some where just childishly excited by the private investigator itself and may have trusted him even if he was talking about aliens or vampires. But a couple of my friends were just out of their divorce and they were the living proof that the problem is getting serious. 
The interview was pretty detailed and concerned about a single point as well as all the private detective’sarticle: in Singapore more and more wives and husbands need to hire an investigator to discover if their spouse is cheating on them, and there is no point to don’t trust this simple fact. 

Afterwards we can discuss about other important questions, for example, the cheating are actually raising or there are just more chances to discover them thanks to the improvement of the investigation’s practices? Is it fair to put your own spouse under the control of a detective? And even: if your spouse is actually cheating on you, is better for you to discover it and maybe destroy a marriage and a family or is better to carry on the relationship unconsciously? 

These are private and personal questions and everybody can feel free to follow his ideas and have his own point of view about them.  

If I’m allowed to tell you it, I would like to say that, in my point of view, someone who is cheating on me is potentially a menace for every aspect of my life: I will never feel confident to rely on someone who betrayed my feelings, how can I share the same house, the same money and plan my future with such a liar?