I have this problem that I believe can only be solved by a private investigator.  But the problem is I do not know how tolook for a private investigator that is trustworthy.  I have tried many things like asking some friends or anyone I believe who knows something about private investigators.  I also tried the classified ads on newspapers, and even the internet to look for some good private investigators but to no avail.  In order for you to be able to help me with this predicament, let me first tell you what my problem is.  I have been looking for my helper for quite some time now.  She worked for me for almost 2 years.  She did a great job in doing the household chores for me, cleaning the house, cooking something for me and even tidy up my room.  She even did the laundry for me.  I used to think she was trustworthy because she usually returns every dollar she sees in my pocket as she washes my clothes.  That is one reason why I trusted her so much. 
I never thought I would ask myself how to look for a private investigator for my helper.  She did a great job at first but then something happened.  When I left the house for work, she took my cash and jewellery with her and left.  When I got back, I noticed there was nothing left.  She even took my laptop with her.  I was so shocked with this realization and immediately told the police about what happened.  They investigated but it seemed they were taking a long time to solve the case.  That is why I opted to look for my own private investigator.  But, like the police, it also took him a long time to find the person, so I sought for another, more reliable investigator.  Finding her in the soonest of time is important as she might go somewhere which could make the search harder.  I tried a lot of methods to look for someone who can help me find that person but to no avail.  Some investigators choose not to solve problems like this, and some are not even capable of solving this kind of problem.

I used different ways on how to look for a private investigator.  I did find an investigator who I thought would solve the case.  He promised me he should be able to solve the case for about 4 months and I thought I just have to settle with that.  So I waited, and waited until the 4 months passed.  I heard nothing of the investigator.  I tried to call him on the phone but he said he was still not able to look for leads that could bring him closer to the person I was looking for and that he was asking for a few more months but that is one thing I cannot provide.  So I decided to look for someone else but I failed to find him even up to this day.

I really am hoping someone would be able to tell me how to look for a private investigator.  I know there are lots of privateinvestigators around who can do the job well but I just can’t find them.  There might be someone who has a lot of experience in hiring a private investigator and have met a very reliable one that might help me with my problem.  I hope someone can recommend a very good private investigator to help me the helper as well as my valuables.