There has been this belief world over that men are the ones who cheat on their partners. They simply cannot keep it in their pants. They cannot let anything in a skirt pass by them without ‘tapping it’. There are good men out there who respect their unions and can never do anything to jeopardise it. Everyone should be treated like an individual and not be roped into the ‘men will cheat’ bunch. That said, women are believed to be generally faithful and it surprises many to when a man suddenly leaves his wife claiming that she is a cheat. If a man suspects another man to be crossing over to their territory, they may just issue them a summon stating: “Eye my wife, pay my private detective bill.” This is because most women who cheat are very discreet and a man who suspects his wife of cheating may need to contract the services of a private detective to affirm or invalidate his suspicions. If the private detective gives her the clean bill of health, then he sighs with relief. But what happens if the private detective comes up with mountain upon mountain of evidence that his wife is cheating? What then?

Most men take the news of their wives cheating with disbelief and most of them will be in denial that their loving wives would do that to them. They may even tell the private detective to go and get the real evidence as the one presented may be claimed to be doctored. The man who was issuing threats to any potential male threat that “eye my wife,pay my private detective bill” will go mute and may just retreat into himself for a while so as to gather their heads and map the way forward. The main question going through his head will be why his wife decided to cheat on him. Well, there are many reasons why wives cheat. Top of the list is to get back at the husband for eyeing another lady, flirting with that cute, slender, sexy secretary in the office, or having the one night stands and the business trip flings. A wife believes that cheating on the husband because he cheated or she thought he cheated on her is a valid reason to jump into another man’s bed. They believe it evens the playing field and maintains the status quo in the relationship. You cheat on me, I cheat on you. This is a very dangerous game to play and one or both of you will end up getting hurt of infected with a disease that you will have to deal with as long as you shall live on this earth.

Another major reason why women cheat is that they are looking for that missing piece in the relationship. We get into a marriage for companionship, sex, intimacy and to complement each other’s strength and weaknesses. We never get everything we require from our spouse but we get at least eighty percent of what we require from them. Many women believe that a man should meet all her mentioned and unspecified desires and needs and when she lacks something in the marriage, she will go out there and look for someone who will give it to them. Some also cheat because they are lonely in the marriage. The man is brought up with an absentee father who provided everything they needed and thus he also emulates that and carries it into his marriage. The wife feels neglected and seeks solace in another man’s arms. It may start as an emotional affair where she just has coffee or tea with the guy and it slowly develops into a physical affair as trust is cultivated. As a husband, before you go yelling at the other men out there, declaring that ‘eye my wife, pay my private detective bill’, make sure that you give her no reason to cheat. Be there for her and try to meet all her needs, spending intimate one on one time with her no less than once a week. But remember, some wives cheat because they want to and there is nothing you can do about it.