Although some things are better left unsaid, there are still some issues that need to be laid out in the open. I have been married for more than a decade and I have two beautiful kids. My husband is the senior vice president of a well-known bank. It all started with a boys’ night out. My husband called me up and said that he’ll be coming home late since he had to meet his old buddies from high school. There was nothing unusual about this. What’s odd though is that he didn’t ask me to go with him. His high school pals were also good friends of mine. His best friend was even godfather to our son. Two days after, he called me up again to say that he’ll be working late. Then, a slew of more excuses came, day after day, week after week. The last straw came after three months—he was to go on a five-day business trip overseas. I panicked. I thought of having him followed by a private investigator but I did not know what to look for a private detective. I was also debating over the possible repercussions should my husband find out that I’m having him tailed.

I asked my older sister for advice. She said that if I truly wanted to save our marriage, I should be strong enough to discover the truth. Finding out what’s really going on with my husband shows my devotion to him and my resolve to make out marriage work. Ultimately, I looked up a few private detective agencies to see which best suits my needs since I had no idea whatto look for  a private detective. After taking my pick from the bunch, I set up an appointment with my chosen private investigation firm. Before I went to the meeting, I withdrew some cash from my bank account. If everything goes well and I like what they had to say to me, they might require a deposit fee before the investigation starts. So there I was, fidgety and nervous, when this middle-aged woman came up to me and introduced herself as the private detective assigned to my case should we agree to the terms. I presented my case and suspicions and she listened intently while taking some notes and asking a few questions here and there about what my husband’s daily schedule is and if I know a bar or any place aside from his work place that he frequents.

After more than an hour of questioning and explaining stuff (even trivial matters were discussed), I made my decision: I hired them. The private eye assigned to me, I thought, was rational and discreet. These are the qualities that are what to look for a private detective. After I gave all pertinent information and made my deposit, the case officially started. My private detective assured me that she would update me of any new developments and that I’m welcome to call her at the office or at her mobile phone anytime I need to. In less than three months, the case was closed. The private investigator discovered that my husband was indeed cheating on me with an intern at work which was 10 years his junior. I was devastated but I steeled myself to talk to my husband and asked him to choose between me and his mistress. He apologized and told me that it was bad judgment on his part and that he wanted to make our marriage work if I could forgive him. I have to admit that I had second thoughts. After all, he betrayed me. But I gave it another go. Two years have passed and we’re still together, and there were no more strange behavior on his part.