This is the second part of the article named Cheatingspouse in Singapore. If you didn’t read the first part I’ll suggest you to read that one first.
Previously on Cheating spouse in Singapore, I had a call from my client Brad which describes that her wife broke her promise and he had a doubt that her wife Angelina going to date someone in a Hotel after three day which was pre-booked from Brad’s credit card. And Brad found the card on his desk. I found the case quite suspicious so I told him to give me some time to think and I’ll call him back in the next morning. Now continues.

I thought the whole night about the case but the only think was coming in my mind is, why someone will drop his cheating clue in his husbands desk. Is she mad or is there some kind of plan is involved. I couldn’t sleep well that night. The next morning I woke up did the first think was, I called Brad. He was in the office that time so it was safe to talk with him. “Hey Brad. How’s going everything.” “I could sleep last night Detective. 

I think my wife is still cheating on me and that guy she wants to meet in hotel, his name is Anthony. In booking she also included his name along with her”. I feel sorry for him and sighed. But I was hopeful for Brad that I’ll come out with a solution. So I said, “Ok, Brad. I’ll provide a Global Positioning System Tracker for her car. Meet me in evening. Your duty is to place the GPS tracker on her car and I’ll do the rest of the things and tell you the positions of your wife. We shall hire a room at the same hotel and I’ll connect the tracker to my I-Pad. We’ll be waiting for her to arrive and then I will record a video of your wife and that man Anthony alongside at the moment they will enter the hotel.” Brad acknowledged my plan. I said for fun “Your wife is the queen of cheating wife in Singapore.”  As we planned, we met at the evening and Brad and I rented a GPS tracker. I told him to install it in her car when she is fast asleep at night because it will take some time to get ready for use. Three days was passed quickly. As we had planned, we went to the hotel early in the morning and checked in the hotel. I set up the GPS tracking software and we were all set to go. We were just waiting for Brad’s wife to arrive. 

There check in time was 3 p.m. At roughly 2:45 pm, Brad’s wife, Angelina, the cheating wife, my subject to catch red-handed arrived in the hotel. But it was strange that I saw in my I-pad screen that the GPS tracker showing me that her car was approximately 10 miles away from the hotel direction and it was parked in a gas station. I was fully shocked. I knew that my GPS tracker is not faking about the location. 

But why she parked the car away 10 miles away from the hotel location. However, she was at hotel but another matter of worry that she was alone. There was no sign of Anthony or any other male. She was about to checking in and was talking with the hotel receptionist. At that moment I started to observe that she was carrying a fast food shop packet and a box. Probably it was a birthday cake. Then I opened the old project and find out that Anthony’s birthday was also in that month but the proper date was not detailed. So I was eagerly waiting with patience.

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