This section contains information on various related services offered on Family Court premises.

Information on post-filing counselling services offered by the Counselling And Psychological Services (CAPS).
Family Court Legal Clinic runs on Family Court premises on every Wednesday from 4.30pm to 5.50pm.
(except on public holiday and the eves of public holidays)

Please use the online application form to register for a legal clinic session. Alternatively, you may also attend personally at the Family Court at No.3 Havelock Square (3rd level Divorce Registry) to register for the Legal Clinic. Applicants will be requested to disclose their full particulars to the Pro Bono Services Office.

Registration criteria:
i) Legal advice is for a Family Law/Family Court related matter.
ii) Applicant has not sought any legal advice on this matter and does not already have a lawyer.

Please note the following:
i) The Legal Clinic is staffed by volunteer lawyers not affiliated to the Family Court.
ii) The volunteer lawyer can only provide general guidance on his/her query.
iii) Each consultation is limited to a 20 minute session for the Family Court Legal Clinic.
iv) The volunteer lawyer cannot and will not represent or act on Applicant’s behalf outside of the Legal Clinic and the Service Provider has the right to refuse, cancel or suspend its services to the Applicant at its sole discretion.