Prenuptial Agreements In Italy


Despite scarce case law on such agreements, it is possible that general principles of contract law will require that contracts made in preparation for an imminent divorce will be deemed null and void on public policy grounds. (Cass. civ., 11 agosto 1992, n., 9494, cit., above note 35: “È nulla, per illicità della causa, la transazione circa i rapporti economici che sia intervenuta tra i congiugi prima del procedimento di divorzio.”).
However, many jurists in Italy dispute this view. The difficulties caused by denying validity to such contracts is mitigated by the availability of the “separazione dei beni” agreement, which may be implemented prior to the marriage. This may cover only the assets acquired by either party during the marriage.
Prenuptial agreements entered into pursuant to foreign law which are valid under that law may be enforceable in Italy unless void on public policy grounds.

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