Divorce Rates In Singapore


Divorce rate in Singapore is about 10%, means 1 out of 10 marriages end up in divorce.
Comparing the divorce rate in singapore with other countries we see that the divorce rate in singapore is quite less than some other developed countries:

Divorce rate per 1,000 population:
Thailand: 0.58
China: 0.79
Singapore: 0.8
Korea: 0.88
Finland: 1.85
Canada: 2.46
Australia: 2.52
New Zealand: 2.63
Denmark: 2.81
United Kingdom: 3.08
Russia: 3.36
Puerto Rico: 4.47
US: 4.95
So divorce rates in thailand is about 16.16% of the divorce rates in USA.

Divorce rates in Singapore
are quite low. Interethnic marriages in singapore are somewhat more likely to end in divorce than were marriages within an ethnic group. During the 1980s the divorce rate for Malays fell, while it rose for the other ethnic groups. In 1987 there were 23,404 marriages in Singapore, and 2,708 divorces, or 115 divorces for every 1,000 marriages. The figures included 4,465 marriages under the Muslim Law Act, which regulated the marriage, divorce, and inheritance of Muslims, and 796 divorces under the same act, for a Muslim divorce rate of 178 divorces for every 1,000 marriages. Marriages under the Women's Charter totaled 18,939, and divorces under that law were 1,912, for a non-Muslim divorce rate of 100 per 1,000 marriages. The differential rates of divorce for ethnic groups may have suggested greater differences than were in fact the case. Situations that for Malay families resulted in prompt, legal divorce were sometimes tolerated or handled informally by Chinese or Indian families for whom the social stigma of divorce was greater and the barriers to legal separation higher. For all ethnic groups, the most common source of marital breakdown was the inability or unwillingness of the husband to contribute to maintaining the household. This sometimes led to desertion, which was the most common ground for divorce.

Divorce Rates