Certified Investigative Professionals Inc.


Certified Investigative Professionals Inc. ® (CIPI), is a membership organization consisting of investigative professionals and affiliates, whose mission is to promote a standard of excellence among individual investigators, enhance public confidence in the profession, and represent the industry in business, education, and political forums. To accomplish its mission, CIPI meets its goals by:

Providing a Certification Program, Certified Investigative Professional ® (CIP), and acknowledging past professional experience and a commitment to continuing education.

Promoting the sharing of information by sponsoring continuing education seminars, publishing the CIPI Journal and CIPI Plus, and by maintaining the CIPI website.

Offering information to the media on behalf of the industry, and encouraging members to be responsible and active within the community.

Participating aggressively in the legislative process by encouraging members to communicate with lawmakers and also by offering new legislation.

Maintaining an open line of communication with the agency responsible for overseeing the industry on behalf of the client.

Mandating a Code of Ethics, embracing the principles of professional conduct with legal and ethical standards of practice.