Affairs are very common reason for marriage breakdowns?

Affairs are very common reason for marriage breakdowns.

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How can women prevent their husbands from straying? Is it always only about sex?

The wife should look after her body to maintain sexiness and attractive. Not only that, she must always show care, concern and understanding to the husband with good communication. A home cook food perhaps may help too.

No, is not just about sex.

Lies may not always be about affairs. Husbands lie about many things, from money to their emotional state, some being very trivial. What are some examples from your experience? How can women prevent this and show they are there to support their husbands?

Husband shouldn’t lie to their wife but not every man is so honest, especially come to large sum of money. All we got to said is “TRUST”. They should be honest about any problem or difficulty he is facing so that his wife can show her support by talking to him, understand his difficulties and stand beside him to give advice and show him all the support.

As a wife should be a good listener, be patience to him to understand his need and position rather then nagging and compliant after hearing the husband. As a wife, she has to show interest in his problem, guide him and even work out solution to help him.